From Beats to Bench Press: Unveiling the Dual Journey of Kymer and McGyver

From Beats to Bench Press: Unveiling the Dual Journey of Kymer and McGyver

1. How did you first get into the world of personal training, and what aspects of it do you find most fulfilling on a day-to-day basis?

Since 2008 I’ve been a gym enthusiast, hitting the weights 5 days on average for years. It wasn’t until 2017 when I took classes into Personal Training and worked my way up the gym management ranks of Jetts Tilburg 24/7 Fitness. Here I learned most tricks of the trade.

2. As McGyver, your rap persona, reflects a unique blend of strength and creativity. How do you channel the energy from your intense workouts into your music, and vice versa?

Anything that is adrenaline driven fuels me to take things to the next level. Be it in a more concentrated and relaxed rap style, or simply a more “in-your-face” type of rap, I always try to make the right energy match the vibe of the music.

3. Can you share a specific workout or training philosophy that not only challenges you physically but also serves as inspiration for your followers?

The key to success is consistency, which lies in delayed gratification. As you sculpt your body, you build up a mind-muscle connection and learn to love the process if you are willing enough to work efficiently. Don’t cut corners - just grab the bull by the horns. Overtime, you will reap the fruits of your labour and all beauty that comes with it. Not just physically but also mentally.

4. Exploring the world of nootropics is intriguing. What prompted you to delve into products like GoEazy Gains, and have you noticed any unexpected benefits beyond just enhanced focus?

Enhancing and/or optimizing efficiency is always a thin line when it comes to facing consistent and hard work. It’s an interesting field of interest and therefore I am always open to explore new grounds. As for GoEazy, not just the mental focus - I mean there are so many pre-workout stim/stim-free supplements already on the market - but especially the memory enhancing effects of Lion’s Mane. I have a very active lifestyle, with varying fields of work co-existing. So keeping a sharp memory is key for a hyper-focused athlete like myself That really prompted my interests!!

5. Incorporating Lion's Mane gummies into your lifestyle is undoubtedly a personal choice. How do you integrate these gummies into your daily routine, and do you have any specific rituals around taking them?

As by ritual, I usually take 90% of my supplement stack in the morning and take some recovery tabs before going to bed. So to keep my daytime tasks up the par, I like taking GoEazy Lion’s Mane gummies  in the afternoon. As to bridge the gap between AM & PM.

6. In the fast-paced worlds of fitness and music, burnout is a common concern. How do you recharge and rejuvenate, ensuring that you maintain your passion and enthusiasm for both personal training and creating music?

Incorporating proper rest is key. It isn’t always easy, but nothing beats 8 hours of sleep! This allows you to recharge, relax and give your body & brains time to unwind and literally recover from stress. Recovery is key to hypertrophy.

7. Your experiences as a personal trainer must provide unique insights. Can you share a story of a client whose transformation or progress had a profound impact on your own approach to fitness and well-being?

One client said he had taken PT sessions in the past, and showed me his diet. It was extremely monotonous and the calorie deficit was rigorous. I showed him a more practical way of cutting down and reaching a similar result as he had acquired in the past. Before I knew it, smashed all his weight-loss targets beyond my KPI’s and expectations and built a nice physique. This taught me the right balance between diet, training, trainer and trainee can cause magic. And nothing beats hard and consistent work!

8. As McGyver, your music likely carries powerful messages. Are there specific themes or lessons from your personal journey that you intentionally infuse into your lyrics to connect with your audience on a deeper level?

As a person of mixed ethnicity, I always found to never fit in on both ends of the spectrum. Thus belonging to a grey area or grey undefined bulk of matter. I had to find my own way through this emotional maze in order to realize where I belong Similar to the term we use for our intelligence, to combat this paradox, we should use our grey matter, as the color of your skin never should matter. This is a universal and timeless message that should remain relevant until the human species has moved on to another level. Maybe some day….

9. Beyond the physical benefits, how has your mental and emotional well-being evolved since incorporating Lion's Mane gummies? Have you noticed any changes in your creative process or mindset as an artist?

I found myself being a bit more focused and relaxed simultaneously. This creates a better “pocket” to be in as an artist, providing a kick-starting feeling of motivation to build off of.

10. Looking ahead, considering your diverse passions, what's a dream collaboration or project that you have in mind, something that merges your love for personal training and rap music in a way that truly represents Kymer and McGyver?

As an artist, I would like to build up a solid following as a foundation to open up a cool gym.

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